What areas do you cover?

We clean all areas around the North West of Lancashire. If you are unsure if we clean in your area please give us a call.

Are you fully insured?

We have liability insurance and employees insurance.

Can I leave a key with you?

Yes you can leave a key you will need to sign a key receipt.

how long will the cleaning take?

Cleaning time will vary but you will be advised on how long it will take in your quotation.

Do you clean offices?

Yes, we are experts in commercial cleaning, a high quality service is provided to ensure your employees have a safe, clean and hygienic place to work in.

Do you clean caravans?

We are highly qualified in cleaning caravans and have many clients who are van owners. We understand the materials used in caravans and therefore ensure our cleaning solutions are suitable for your van and provide an extra sparkling touch to keep your van fresh and clean for you and your guests!

Do you do heavy lifting?

Heavy lifting will be undertaken in line with Health and Safety Guidelines.

Are you qualified to use chemicals?

All staff are are fully trained and are compliant with their use to COSHH standards.

Are your staff CRB cleared?

Yes we take this highly serious to ensure the safety and security of your home or workplace and provided the most trusted cleaning operatives.

Are your staff fully trained?

All staff are highly trained in all aspects of cleaning ensuring proficiency and efficiency is maximised!

Does the staff wear uniforms?

Staff are in full uniform at all times. We take pride in our work and our appearance, our uniform represents our company, therefore all staff must wear their uniform on site at all times.

Do staff carry identification?

Yes photographic id will be carried by all members of staff.

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